YOUR Advantage!

For Solutions:

We facilitate with CEOs and executive teams in strategic business planning and assist them in successfully managing their own development for the challenges of their companies' growth and change.

For Executive Coaching:

We provide support and assistance to CEOs and senior managers in enhancing interpersonal skills, achieving greater personal and professional fulfillment and preparing for increased responsibilities.

One-on-One executive coaching

For Training:

We train your managers and staff in....

communication skills

BULB the hiring process - behaviorally based interviewing

BULB conflict management & problem solving

BULB leadership, coaching & team development

BULB time management

BULB new employee orientation

BULB succession planning & performance management

BULB running effective meetings & presentation skills

customer service

sales management


applied strategic planning process

The Wellington Group provides you with a full range of business expertise according to your specific needs without adding to your fixed overhead.

Use us as an interim service, for special projects, or to supplement your current business expertise.

That's our advantage

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