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Individual executive coaching sessions are conducted on a regular basis with key management individuals as identified by senior management for further personal and career development.

Executive coaching programs usually run for a minimum of 20-30 hours in 10-15 (two-hour) sessions at monthly intervals depending on the individual executive's need and schedule.

The executive coaching program begins with the individual executive identifying his/her strengths and developmental needs (360 degree feedback from management, peers, direct reports and customers can also be provided if appropriate) .

These personal behavioral qualities are then matched with current role and responsibility as well as future opportunities. The resulting gaps are then worked on through a customized individual development plan in the follow-up individual coaching sessions.

This customized program is created to assist the executive in addressing ways in which he/she can better fulfill these role and responsibility expectations.

Some issues usually addressed in coaching are:

. human relations skills
. communication styles
. listening skills
. delegating ability
. decision-making & problem solving
. project management & individual management
. team development
. personal self-image & conflict management
. time management
. peer relationships
. relationships with superiors
. succession planning
. coaching or mentoring relationships
. power & leadership issues

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