Group Seminars

Agenda and Expected Results

Basic Communication Skills

  • General concepts of communication & rapport building
  • A self-assessment of each participant's communication style
  • An understanding of how to recognize others' communication styles
  • Practice in using flexibility & versatility in communication styles
RESULTS: Participants should learn to communicate more effectively by better understanding themselves and the behaviors of others.

The Hiring Process

  • Building the three-legged stool
  • The various sources for finding suitable candidates
  • The screening methods for qualifying candidates
  • Telephone screen & face-to-face behavioral interview techniques
  • Identifying the selection dimensions & knock-out dimensions for a particular position
  • Appropriate interview questioning methods
  • Reference checking techniques

RESULTS: Participants should learn to make better matches between candidates, company and job, thereby reducing turnover and increasing retention.

Conflict Management & Problem Solving

  • The fundamentals of problem solving
  • The concept & methods for option generation
  • The attentive, listening, negotiating and contracting behaviors for effective conflict management
  • The practice of win-win negotiating behaviors
  • Power and anger issues

RESULTS: Participants should learn how to defuse emotional situations more effectively by understanding that "emotion blocks logic". They achieve the results they want by working through potentially problematic situations.

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