Group Seminars

Agenda and Expected Results

Succession Planning

  • Current employee roles and responsibilities
  • Expected company growth
  • Assessment of current human resources
  • How to conduct a gap analysis to identify the skill sets and human resources necessary to meet company growth goals

RESULTS: Participants will be provided with the tools and techniques necessary to conduct successful succession planning in their departments, thus enabling the company to meet its overall growth goals with comparable human resources.

Running Effective Meetings & Presentation Skills

  • The preparation techniques necessary to run an effective meeting
  • How to create a meaningful meeting agenda
  • The components of a successful meeting
  • The follow-up to a meeting
  • Presentation skills needed to identify & manage an audience more effectively

RESULTS: Participants should learn when meetings are needed and how to run them, as well as managing meetings more effectively for results. This seminar should aid participants in the goals of greater productivity and better time management together with leadership and team development.

Customer Service

  • The definition of "customer"
  • How to identify the needs of "customers"
  • Managing customer needs & expectations
  • How to persuade & negotiate with customers
  • How to contract with them for mutual benefit
RESULTS: Participants should learn better customer management to enable them to increase customer retention and satisfaction.

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