Group Seminars

Agenda and Expected Results

Applied Strategic Planning

  • The definition and process of strategic planning
  • The benefits of strategic planning
  • The basic process model
  • How to lead the process with the management team staff
  • How to set up the action plans & ongoing follow-up
RESULTS: Participants can expect to better understand the fundamentals of strategic planning and be able to effectively lead their teams through the strategic planning process.

Sales Management

  • Effective recruitment & retention of top sales reps
  • How to manage for maximum sales rep productivity
  • How to help sales reps motivate themselves
  • The concept of team selling
  • Territory management
RESULTS: Participants should be able to decrease their sales rep turnover and increase sales reps productivity, therefore increasing company sales revenues.


  • The origins & types of outsourcing
  • The pros & cons of outsourcing
  • The impact on the internal organization
  • Considerations in choosing outsourcing vendors
  • The legal issues
  • How to manage the outsourcing relationship
RESULTS: Participants should better understand the concept and process methodology of outsourcing and be better able to determine what, if any, outsourcing the organization should consider.

Change Management

  • The definitions of Change and Transition
  • Why the need for Change
  • How to we transition as individuals
  • The WHY and HOW of Organizational Change
  • Recognizing and overcoming resistance
  • Using The Change Process Model
RESULTS: Participants learn to deal with change and "transitioning" more effectively as individuals and to apply that learning to better handling organizational change for themselves as well as with others.

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